California has Lowest COVID 19 Case Rate

It has been almost two years since the start of COVID 19, and yet it won’t be gone anytime soon. However for California, one of the country’s most populated states officially has the lowest COVID 19 cases in the US. The CDC has provided information about the latest data on the state’s COVID 19 numbers on Monday Sept 20.

According to the CDC, California’s new case rate per 100,000 people is less than states near California such Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon. California’s seven-day rate was 95.3% per 100,000 people. Connecticut was the next closest state with a case rate at 126.5. Comparing the rates of cases over the same time frame, Texas had a rate of 385.1. Florida had a rate of 287.2, Arizona with a rate 250.1, Oregon with a rate 234.7 and Nevada the state closest to California with a rate of 202.5. 


California’s new cases per day have dropped over the last week. About 8,849 new cases were reported, which was down 33% from the previous weeks. There would only be 1,555 new cases five days later since the announcement of California having the states lowest COVID 19 numbers.

There are four tiers that the CDC categorizes the state’s COVID 19 levels throughout the country. The worst/highest tier is red, followed by orange which is a substantial tier. A more moderate tier would be the yellow tier followed by blue tier which is the lowest one. Looking at the country based on tiers, California is the only state at the moment to be on orange tier. Meanwhile the other states in the country are all in the red tier. 

The number of cases are not the only numbers to be decreasing, the number of COVID 19 hospitations have also dropped in the state. According to the Los Angeles Times, more than 8,300 patients that had COVID 19 were all hospitalized throughout California. New data shows that 6,000 patients that were positive with COVID 19 based on 

Los Angeles County has continued to report improvement on a weekly basis on cases as well as hospitalizations. California was averaging about more than 3,400 infection cases according to the Los Angeles times. Los Angeles County has averaged about 2,200 new cases a day within the past week.