A Breakfast with The Beatles


Photo by Jonathon Carmona El Paisano Media Chris Carter is the host of Breakfast with The Beatles. He’s been the host of the radio show since 2001. This show was live from the Hard Rock Cafe.

Sunday morning, the radio station 95.5 KLOS presented Breakfast with the Beatles as they always do. However,  this time Chris Carter performed his disk jockey duties live. 

Warm Welcome

Breakfast with The Beatles was presented live from the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, California. The show’s host, Chris Carter, was present at the Hard Rock Cafe and spoke to most of the guests in attendance. The show started at nine in the morning and ran until 12 in the afternoon.

Breakfast with The Beatles wouldn’t be Breakfast with The Beatles without breakfast. The audience was treated to a buffett style breakfast. The Beatles fans could help themselves to eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, and potatoes until their hearts’ content. 

Live Radio

Breakfast with the Beatles was presented in a live format but still recorded for radio. The show happens live with a crowd at least once a month. The Los Angeles variant of the show is the longest-running Beatles show in history. 

This time around, folks were surprised by a couple of unannounced live performances. Drew Harrison, a musician who specializes in John Lennon’s music, sang for the live crowd. Harrison sang acoustic versions of the Beatles’ songs Dear “Prudence” and “Help.” Harrison will be performing at the Canyon in Agora Hills on Nov. 6. Harrison’s show is titled “In the Spirit of Lennon.”

The other performer was a TMZ Hollywood Tours guide named Sam. He did a break dance to the song “I Saw Her Standing There” by the Beatles. During the break dance number, Sam performed a side flip off of the stage and an additional black flip. 

The Beatles’ Influence

Breakfast with the Beatles is actually a radio format on FM radio where disk jockeys play songs either by or related to The Beatles. The format began when disc jockey Helen Leicht created, hosted, and produced a Breakfast with the Beatles-style radio show. This show began in 1976 and ended in 1989 when Leicht changed stations. Since then the Breakfast with the Beatles format has had many variants locally and nationally. 

The most famous version is the one hosted by Chris Carter in Los Angeles. The show was originally hosted by the late Deirdre O’Donoghue until 2001 when Carter replaced her. This Los Angeles variation of Breakfast with The Beatles has been running for 30 years. This makes the variant the longest-running Beatles show in America.