The New Jonas Brothers Single

Madelyn Gastelum, Reporter

Thursday, February 28th, the Jonas Brothers announced their new single that would be released at midnight EST that same evening. The single has now dropped and it is everything that you could ask for and more.

The last time that the Jonas Brothers made headlines was 6 years ago. They announced that a fifth album was in the works except that it stopped soon after. The album was never released because the band had broken up due to creative differences.

What Have They Been Up To?

The eldest brother Kevin Jonas, 31, had left the music world almost entirely only making appearances here and there. He had a brief run on a reality TV series, Married to Jonas, that featured domestic life between him and wife, Danielle.

Middle brother Joe Jonas, 29, continued his music career after a couple years away from the industry. In 2015 Joe started his own funk-pop band “DNCE” and was the lead vocalist. Th group quickly jumped to fame after debut single “Cake By the Ocean” which landed 9th on the Billboard Hot 100 for the year.

Youngest member of the boy band, Nick Jonas, 26, took a short break from the industry but quickly started working on a solo career. Nick also started getting into television and films, including Jumanji and the TV show Scream Queens. In 2014 Nick released multiple singles, “Chains” and “Jealous”, both leading to his debut album titled “Nick Jonas”.

Jonas Take Twitter by Storm

The Brothers all experienced success through their solo careers but that wasn’t going to last because a band of brothers couldn’t break up if they’re related. The new single, Sucker, is already trending on twitter with thoughts and reviews from the fans. The song has a great pop vibe with that Jonas Brother feel in it. Of course a love song they sing about how they’re a sucker for you.

Along with the new single they also dropped a music video that has the Jonas Brothers and their three wives dressed in a outlandish wardrobe comparable to the District 1 fashion from the Hunger Games. Some lyrics in the song also hint that they are no longer teens by singing about drinking. The music video definitely shows how they’ve matured with hints of scenes towards sex and even light BDSM.

The song revealed that they are no longer teen heart throbs. The Jonas Brothers that we knew and loved are still in there just more mature. As the band grew up so did the audience. From what the song and music video showcased there are high hopes for the Jonas Brothers. Who knows what may be in the works in the near future.