Universal CityWalk’s cinema is an innovative masterpiece


Photo courtesy of Universal

Newly renovated Universal Cinema at Universal CityWalk

Pete Escobar , Arts and Entertainment Editor

The movie-going experience is something cherished by many for a variety of reasons. Immersing one’s self into a films story is one; experiencing it with an audience is another. In my own experience, the modeling and design of a theater is something many people in this era (including myself) look over.

After visiting Universal’s outstanding new AMC theater at the Universal CityWalk, returning to my local theater won’t be the same.

The cinema’s grand facade is eye-catching and inviting. Actually taking a step inside the theater would back up any awe-inspiring assumptions one might have made upon seeing the front entrance.

The interior is huge, which helps prevent the theater from feeling cramped when huge crowds gather for a movie premier or a Friday night date. The cinema has also done away with behind-the-glass transactions. Now, you can purchase your tickets in the same way that you can pay for your popcorn; without a giant pane of glass separating employee from customer. Such a minuscule change helps make the theater feel significantly more inviting.

Universal has also managed to completely re-do the traditional concession stand experience. At the AMC Marketplace, you can now grab an item you’d like to purchase (like popcorn) and take it to go before paying for it. It speeds up the usual process of having to order a snack or food and waiting for it to be handed to you.

Located upstairs is The Director’s Lounge Cocktail Bar. It takes on a minimalist design with a squared bar counter. Again, the cinema’s interior is roomy, and the same goes for the Director’s Lounge. There’s plenty of space between the actual bar and it’s seats that allows for a larger crowd presence that relieves any feelings of crowd congestion. The lounge is a fantastic addition to the theater, providing a space for movie-goers to talk about all things cinema before or after a showing.

Enjoying a movie inside the theater is a whole other experience.

All 18 of the theater’s projectors displayed beautifully sharp 4K imagery, the cleanest imagery I (keep in mind, I am a college student) have ever seen in a theater, with the audio quality to back it up. The seating was like icing to the theaters cake. Deluxe recliner seats allowed me to choose a comfortable position whether the movie was good or not. Find yourself sitting through a snore of a movie? recline those seats and take a nap!

Universal’s new cinema is a treat with a price. Adult ticket prices online go up $19 for adults, $16 for children (2-12), and $18 for senior citizens. So, if money is tight, maybe save it for a cheaper, local theater. But if you want treat yourself, a loved one, or a friend to an unforgettable cinema experience, Universal’s AMC is the perfect place.