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2020 Summer Olympics Ban Slogan “Black Lives Matter” in Tokyo

Written by Mimi Castellanos
May 10, 2021

With less than 80 days away, summer Olympics 2020 have pushed forward with their event. Located in Tokyo, Japan, the postponed Olympics are continuing...

Alabama Bans Transgender Girls from Competing in Female Sports, Florida following Their Footsteps

Written by Mimi Castellanos
May 3, 2021

While the many controversies arise within the past year, LGBTQ+ community are pulled into another dispute. On April 23, Alabama becomes one of the first...

COVID-19 Cases Rise in Japan, Will the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Continue?

Written by Mimi Castellanos
Apr 27, 2021

2020 Tokyo Olympics Pending Since the multiple strands of COVID-19 have been plaguing the earth, sports events risk their continuation. With the Olympics...

NWHL: Boston Pride First Two-Time Winning Isobel Cup Champions

Written by Mimi Castellanos
Apr 5, 2021

As the NWHL continue their Isobel Cup, Boston Pride take home their second Isobel Cup win since 2016. On March 26, the NWHL finally finish their long-awaited...

Northern California in Red Tier, SoCal counties maybe Next

Written by John Rodriguez
Mar 8, 2021

Southern California is close to reaching the red tier to reopen. However other countries have a head start. Just a couple of days ago counties in Northern...

Tiger Woods Severely Injured in Car Crash

Written by Lorenzo Arce, Copy Editor
Feb 24, 2021

Yesterday morning, golf prodigy Tiger Woods sustained major injuries after his suv veered off the road into brush in Ranch Palms Verdes.  Despite being...

Nintendo Direct 2021 Recap

Super Nintendo Letdown?
Written by Luke Perez
Feb 19, 2021

February 17, 2021, Nintendo ended their silence and announced upcoming games during their Nintendo Direct event. Although some games were well received,...

Alabama Sheriff Buys Beach House With Inmates’ Food Funds

Written by Autumn Lewis, Reporter
Mar 19, 2018

Alabama sheriff  Todd Entrekin legally used more than 750,000 dollars from funds meant to feed inmates to buy his self a beach house. The Etowah County...

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