Baseball field upgraded

As many students have noticed, Rio Hondo community college is under renovation.  New additions to the physical education department are under development and set to be revealed in 2013.

The baseball field is also getting a face lift with the addition of the new custom made scoreboard built to represent the college’s athletic spirit.

The new scoreboard, outfitted with a newly updated mascot logo, comes with brand new features including a remote controlled system to make for a more efficient way of updating the scores during critical game action.

With the baseball season coming up shortly, the new scoreboard should be the perfect omen for a succesful season. A new addition that should make Rio Hondo’s baseball coach Mike Salazar one happy person. Salazar known to take interest in his players and their futures, deserves an upgraded scoreboard to help represent our men’s baseball squad more thoroughly.

With innovations in technology and engineering the new scoreboard combines one of America’s oldest and most popular sport with a tech savvy upgraded version of the modern scoreboard.

The baseball team and other athletes on campus have a lot to look forward to next season when all renovations are officially over.

A lot of time will pass before everyone can truly appreciate all the perks being put into play with the athletics department, but if all of the new construction is as impressive as the scoreboard then a lot of praise may be in order to our advisor

Little by little the RHC’s athletic department is looking to gradually become one of the best around.  With lots of money, labor, and time being invested into construction our student athletes have the perfect foreground for successful seasons in 2013. Till then don’t miss out on a newly adopted scoreboard and intense games of baseball when the season rolls around.