Sony Files Patent for PSVR Esports Spectator

With VR still seen as an accessory and not so much the future of technology right now, Sony seems to want to change that. Recently Sony had filed a patent for a titled “Spectator View Into An Interactive Gaming World Showcased In A Live Event Held In A Real-World Venue.”

The idea behind it is people who own a PSVR headset to be able to watch Esport events just like they were in the crowd.  The plan is to have multiple cameras and microphones implemented into the seats at Esport events. With this fans can switch between watching gameplay and being in the crowd. Sony will also be trying to do a virtual augmented reality view that viewers with only headsets may experience.

Esports has been growing larger and larger with viewer counts increasing. Facebook does live events already on Oculus Rift.  That’s been focused on physical sports but people who own a VR headset may actually be more interested in Esports. With the release being unclear we are sure that people are excited for every new step VR takes.