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Discover Whittier: Big D’s Burgers

It is part of our social responsibility to support small, local businesses like Big D’s Burgers, but only if they deserve our support. Is there value given for the amount of dollars spent? Is the atmosphere enjoyable? Is the food different from other places? Is it good? Big D’s is all of these things, but let’s take a second and talk about small business.

Why patronize small businesses when you can eat/shop at McDonald’s/Walmart? Small businesses form a significant part of our diverse economy. A good mom & pop restaurant can given its customers the kinds of experiences they miss out on when eating at chain restaurants. Big D’s Burgers is that kind of place. The have this surprising home-made cucumber and lemon infused water that really refreshes. The burger varieties run the gamut from basic (The Classic), to decadent (The Godfather). There are eight to choose from.

Don’t let the name fool you, there is more going on at Big D’s than just burgers. Want to upgrade to Kobe beef? How about extra meat? All you gotta do is ask! Four kinds of fries, fish and chips, a bunch of things battered and deep fried, the list goes on. There are even vegetarian options!

The signature item is the Legendary Big “D” Burger. This thing is crazy. crammed in between two buns are 12 ounces of beef, fresh tomato, iceberg lettuce, onions, crunchy dill pickle chips, mayo, mustard, and, get this, a split Louisiana Hot Link! You need to consult your doctor if you can finish this and still want more. The day we went they were running a special that had this burger offered up with fries and a drink. I coupled this monster with bacon-wrapped onion rings (an upgrade) and a strawberry lemonade. That’s a lot of flavor for under eleven bucks.

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One of my lunch companions decided to go with The Outlaw burger while the other had what I had, but with a turkey patty. The Outlaw has apple wood smoked bacon with crispy shoe string onion rings and BBQ sauce. This will be what I order the next time I go there. That thing smelled like smokey goodness.

Service was fast and friendly. Our waitress kept bringing me more of that special cucumber and lemon water. I ended up taking the strawberry lemonade home, I was so into that water! The place is small and well staffed. You never feel neglected.

Big D’s Burger is located in the City of Whittier. It is less than a mile from then 605 freeway, on the corner of Beverly Boulevard and Norwalk Boulevard. (This is where Norwalk Boulevard turns int Workman Mill Road.) Parking can be challenge, but I have always been able to find a space. Until very recently there was a Starbucks coffee in this same complex. That Starbucks has just moved across the street into their very own drive thru building. This is great news for those of us trying to eat at Big D’s. If you want to do laundry and grab lunch, there is a coin laundromat located in the same complex.

Based on my experiences with the food, the staff and the ambiance, I can honestly say that I highly recommend experiencing Big D’s Burgers. The restaurant business is tough. Since 2007, no fewer than four different restaurants have occupied the space where Big D’s Burgers is now. Big D’s is a mom & pop (privately owned) place serving high quality burgers in an upscale atmosphere at reasonable prices. I have had a burger in LA that dinged my wallet for $15, and that was just the burger. Meal total hit $27. Big D’s is way better for way less.

Big D’s Burger
10722 Beverly Blvd. Suite V
Whittier, Ca 90601

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