Stay beautiful

Anyone who weighs over 120 pounds and doesn’t wear a size 2 may as well cease to exist.  If their inner thighs touch, they can forget about looking good in a bikini, they’ll probably never even land a stable career, and die sad and alone.  Ridiculous right?  Only, these are just a few of the unrealistic expectations that young people face every day.  The pressure to look a certain way, or act a certain way are a leading cause of low self-esteem in young people worldwide.

According to the American Psychological Association, young adults exhibit lower levels of self esteem than adults, with self-esteem increasing in individuals as they age.

It’s a tale as old as time.  Trying to convince the youth that they are beautiful the way they are, to love thy self because you are perfect just as you are.  This is difficult in a world constantly showing us what we should strive to look like every time a magazine is published or a celebrity award show airs.

This year Sports Illustrated magazine will feature its first advertisement with a plus size model wearing a sexy bikini.  Although she is not one of the models featured in the magazine, and only an advertisement, this is a big step for the issue of the year. The Swimsuit Issues is known to only feature models who seem to weigh less than a whopping 120 pounds each.  While some people are praising the magazine for acknowledging that people of all shapes exist, others are upset about the new ad.

Sure, beauty is determined by your individual interpretation of the word, but at what point should we praise those for being happy in their own skin from those whose physical health appear to be in danger?

People are divided into two categories, you are either skinny or you are fat.  There is no middle ground between the two, or is there?  With the emergence of Instagram and other forms of social media, an obsession with physical fitness has become increasingly popular amongst young people.  Celebrity fitness model accounts have as many as two million eager young followers hoping to learn new workouts from some of the most physically fit individuals on the planet.  For the first time in years young girls have become less concerned whether their thighs graze past each other when they walk, and more interested in developing strong quadricep muscles.  People are realizing that strong is sexy, and females who lift heavy can look every bit as good as those size 2 models.

When it comes down to it, being happy is the ultimate goal.  Every body is perfect just the way it is, but living a healthy lifestyle should be what people strive for instead of having unrealistic expectations for yourself.  So no matter if they are a size 2 or a size 14, they should still get out and be active.  Read a book or three, strive for a strong body, mind, and spirit.  Human beings hold the key to their own happiness. Love yourself because every one is beautiful. If someone is not happy with themselves, change it or they should change the way they view beauty in all aspects of their life.  Remember, being a size 2 is okay, but not being one is okay.  Enjoy a slice of pizza because pizza is happiness, and a size 2 won’t eat pizza like a size 8 can.