The Art of Sounds


Photo Credit: Christopher Araujo

Diego Wheeler performed at Rio Hondo College in the Library by displaying a whole different sound in tune in his own artistic way.

On April 27, 2023 The art department held an event at Rio Hondo College in the campus library. Performance Installation by the students of music and integrated technology, photography, and theater technology programs. It was all about the estranged sounds that were performed. The sound was a touch of electronic sounds with a mixture of very alien and robotic-like sounds enjoyed by a lot of the guests in attendance. 

About the Event

Diego Wheeler is a student who performed in the Event. “I think this is a really cool multimedia event. It’s definitely showing off a lot of great aspects from the three different departments that we have from photography, theater, lighting and the music tech program. So it is really cool to be collaborating with these students and kind of sharing our art. What’s great about this combination of arts is that our art nowadays all of our media is mixed media. Every music you listen to has a video that comes with it.” Wheeler explained what this event was about. This event was put together by the arts department for students to share their idea of what art is to them.


 “For me I kinda grew up listening to this music. This kinda stuff is like art music, not to be pretentious or anything but you can make electronic music with anything. When you are kind of experimenting with these sounds and noise, I heard a lot of scraping from Yuta’s piece. My piece had a spring sample that I manipulated. Its really just an exploration of something outside the box,” Wheeler spoke about these different types of sounds and music that he performed. 

The Source of Inspiration

Another performer Randall Milan played his electric guitar for the audience with some outer and alien type of sound for the audience. “Well the concept was I was in my backyard a few weeks ago. There happened to be no light pollution at this time so there were a lot of stars. So I was thinking about this sound. That these celestial beings make and viewed under the right kind of a spectroscope. You can hear the sounds that these things make out there and I thought to myself what happens if all this noise, all this chaos, suddenly constructed in a sense, organized. The sound of this piece is called “Arrival,” Milan spoke about his sound that he made with his electric guitar and the story behind it. 


“At first it’s unease, this can definitely cause some people some sort of anxiety. Especially with all the anarchy in the beginning and stuff like that. To me it is once you move past that and you see the beauty and organization. But not an organization of a human kind of concept, but it’s organization of life beyond here. And what life can look like. But more specifically what it can sound like. If it were to ever reach us in that sense,” Milan explained to people who never heard if this type of music and performance can be for first time listeners.