What’s Your Favorite Book, the Rio Hondo College Library Wants to Know

Participate in Read Across America with Rio Hondo College


Photo Credit: Leslie Tovar

The Rio Hondo College Library is celebrating the 5th annual Read Across America poster project for Read Across America Day Thursday, March 2. 

Those interested in participating can submit an image with their most beloved book. It should include a description, one-to-two sentences, describing why you love the book or how it has impacted you. 

“Any current Rio Hondo College [(RHC)] employee. . . . student or graduate” of the college can apply, according to the Rio Hondo College Library. 

Participants can send in their own photos posing with their book. Additionally, they can arrange to have a photo taken by emailing the Librarian, Claudia Rivas.

The submission deadline for the annual Read Across America poster project is Friday, Feb. 24. Similarly, students can send their photo to Rivas through email. 

In an email, Rivas explained how submissions for the Read Across America poster project will be published “on our [RHC] social media channels and on our website on the day of Read Across America.” 

Read Across America began in 1998. The National Education Association (NEA) started it to motivate children and students by holding events and partnering with schools and teachers by reading books that can reflect relatable stories and ideas to the reader. 

Students can also visit the Rio Hondo College website to view 2022’s Read Across America. You can email Claudia Rivas at [email protected].