Jack Harlow’s new album “Come Home The Kids Miss You” offers new sound for young artist

Jack Harlow released his second studio album “Come Home The Kids Miss You” on Friday night after going viral for his second single off the album “First Class.”

While original fans of his were hoping to see his old sound come back, Harlow showed off his new sound for this record. The 15 song tracklist includes features from Pharrell Williams, Drake, Justin Timberlake, and Lil Wayne. 

Did it live up to the hype? After listening to the album multiple times, I think it is a great addition to the discography of Jack Harlow and his growth is noticeable as a rapper.

What is the best song?

There are plenty of songs to choose from for the best song in this album and honestly, I don’t have a clue which one is the best overall. The best song lyrically has to be “Churchill Downs” (feat. Drake) or the final song on the album, “State Fair.” The songs that have the radio hit single vibe are “First Class” (which is already popular) and “Dua Lipa.”
The best song overall though? There is no clear answer, however I did get hyped listening to “I’d Do Anything To Make You Smile.” The beat change in the beginning of the song caught me off guard and I loved it.

Biggest Skip?

There isn’t a bad song on this album but, there are a few songs that don’t meet the same vibe as other songs on the album. “Movie Star” (feat. Pharrell Williams) just feels out of place to the rest. Harlow even hyped up this song by teasing the collaboration before the album dropped. “Movie Star” did not live up to the hype. 

Overall review of “Come Home The Kids Miss You”

The whole album has a nice flow and the production is really smooth. The production is probably my favorite thing about this album. The instrumentals are so crisp and the vocals and mixing are superb. 

Everything about this album sounds and looks expensive and it is a huge step forward from his past releases. From lyrical songs to upbeat, club music, this album has everything for a Jack Harlow fan. 

There are a few drawbacks that this album has which includes lyrics and overall vibe of the tracklist. Talking to a few “OG” fans of his music, they hoped for a little more laid back, looser Jack Harlow from “Confetti” and “Loose.” His newest release seems more mainstream and very similar to sounding like Drake. 

Others suggest that he should’ve added more personal lyrics to some of his songs. Tracks like “Young Harleezy” and “Side Piece” are some of the songs they mentioned for example. Fans were hoping for a few more lyrical moments for the Kentucky-born superstar. 

Overall I’d give this album an A but there is still room for improvement. It is definitely an album you can put on repeat in your car and have fun listening to.