English professor William Curington from Rio Hondo College decided to write a book called “Doppelgänger”. It took Curington nine months to write this book which is a good amount of time spent on this book in his terms. For him, he believes that it shouldn’t take over a year to write a book. Therefore “Doppelgänger” was written in a good amount of time and he was happy to publish it. I got the chance to ask a couple of questions to Curington and he mentioned that he didn’t really have an inspiration to write this book. Everyone has their own way of venting their frustrations and for Curington it was writing.


To start things off let me introduce the characters in this story. First up we have David Anderson, who is a mild-mannered English professor at Long Beach City College in this book. Next up we have Detective Grimm, who is a cold and ruthless woman leading the main investigation in this story. She gets put into this story due to unsolved murders that keep coming up at Long Beach City College. The main problem with Anderson is that the bodies of the people that get murdered keep ending up in his classroom. This of course stirred up a lot of questions around this professor. Could he have done it? What is his motive? Why leave the bodies in his classroom? These were the questions that Grimm would have to figure out.

Voyeur Killer

One day David Anderson walks into his classroom and discovers the corpse of one of his colleagues. She was murdered. Another body popped up while all eyes were on him. This time it was one of his former students, also found murdered. In both cases the killer did the same thing, taking photos of the body then posting them on the internet anonymously. Due to this, the media named him the Voyeur Killer. When it happened a third time, Grimm set her eyes on professor Anderson and began to close in. Anderson exhausted himself convincing others that he isn’t guilty, and began to question his own sanity. Is he the one committing these murders? Has he been doing it without his own knowledge. Desperate to clear his name, he began to unravel the secrets of a twisted and depraved mind. The only question, is it his own?

William Curington

That was basically a short summary of Curington’s book “Doppelgänger” which is basically a gritty thriller. If you want to read the book, it is available for purchase on Amazon today. If you end up reading this book and like it, be sure to check out his other books. Curington wrote another novel called “Storm Taken”. This will also be available on Amazon of course. Again these books were written by William Curington, who is a professor at Rio Hondo College.