Goth-Rocker Peter Murphy Makes Full Recovery After Heart Attack

Legendary “godfather of goth” Peter Murphy, 62, has made a full recovery after suffering a heart attack earlier last month.

The singer experienced shortness of breath prior to a performance and was rushed to Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Once there, Murphy was treated by cardiologist Dr. Jason Song.

“Mr. Murphy was admitted for treatment of a myocardial infarction,” Dr. Song said in a statement. “He had two stents placed in his right coronary artery and was started on medications to manage his heart condition,” Song continued.

Much to the relief of fans, Murphy stated that he has made a full recovery.

In a message released to the public, Murphy said, “Following my recent episode in New York City with my heart attack and being admitted into Lenox Hill Hospital and seeing myself go through the rigors of intensive care, I am very happy to say that I have made a full recovery. Thanks to the superb team of doctors, specialists, nurses and care staff. I am so glad to say I am up and running again.”

The musician continued, “My tour manager Brian Lowe and my assistant Chantal Thomas were directly instrumental in saving my life and to whom I cannot thank enough. I also want to thank every single friend and fan who has been supporting me throughout this ordeal. I remain grateful especially to my Bauhaus band mates.”

Murphy was near the end of his residency at (Le) Poisson Rouge, a popular art and music venue in New York. Due to his recent health scare, his remaining show dates will be rescheduled.

From 1978-1983, Murphy fronted influential post-punk band Bauhaus. He, along with bandmates Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, and David J, recorded classic tracks such as “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” and “She’s in Parties.”