Travis Scott Arrested at Concert

Rapper, Travis Scott, was reportedly arrested following one of his concerts on his Birds Eye View Tour in Rogers, Arkansas.

The concert abruptly ended when Scott was taken away by police. The local police department ended the concert and met the 25 year old rapper as soon as he left the stage.

The young rapper was charged with disorderly conduct, endangering the welfare of a minor, and inciting a riot. The police was forced to stop the concert when Scott encourage fans from different areas of the audience to join him on stage which led to injuries of security guards at the concert and against safety and security protocols and fso certification guidelines.

“All I want is peace and love”, we’re some of the last words Scott told his fans before his concert was abruptly ended.

Word from Scott’s camp says that the rapper saw space available in the front of the venue for more fans to join him closer to the stage and “was not trying to hurt anyone”.

Scott is notorious for putting on some of the craziest shows in recent rap memory. In past incidents, a fan broke both of his legs when the rapper encouraged the fan to join him on stage even though he was seated on the third story balcony. Scott has also been charge with disorderly conduct stemming from his Lollapalooza performance in 2015 when a stampede ensued when fans tried to rush the stage which injured many concert goers.

Scott is regarded to many as the best performer of our generation and hopefully this incident doesn’t put an end to that.