Workman Mill Industrial Orchestra prepares for performance

It is almost the end of the semester and as students prepare for finals the music department is preparing to host the end of the semester ensemble on Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m. inside the Wray Theater.

The Workman Mill Industrial Orchestra will perform the Diverse Instruments Ensemble, directed by music instructor Steve Moshier, and will also include specialized, single, and group performances.

The music will be comprised of all the talented musicians enrolled in Rio Hondo’s music courses. The students musical tastes will be broad and the experience level will vary from amateur to novice musicians as all students are welcome to participate in the event.

Students whom are enrolled will compose music using their own specialized instrument; which could include piano, violin, electric and acoustic guitar, and a variety of other instruments. There will be a group ensemble as well as individual performances of small groups that the performers prepare themselves.

The ensemble will feature complete original music and each group will play toward their own musical tastes and talents. The wide variety of musical genres will vary with the type of musician and can range from electronic, dance, classical, pop, alternative and rock pieces.

The Diverse Instruments Ensemble is not your average classical, vocal ensemble and is aimed at promoting each artists individuality and talents.

Admission to the performance will be free, however be prepared to pay a small $3 parking fee.