WCT scores hole-in-one with ‘Fox on The Fairway’

The Westminster Community Theatre (WCT) opened with  its last show of the season with Ken Ludwig’s fast paced comedy, The Fox on The Fairway, with performances that began on June 5 at 8 p.m.

Set in modern times in the tap room of the Quail Valley Country Club, this hilarious comedy tells the tale of two lovers, two rivals, and one thing that unites them all……golf!

The play begins by introducing Louise Heindbedder, a young waitress at the Quail Valley Country Club played by Mallory Kerwin.

As her character is going about her duties, her boyfriend Justin Hicks, played by Kevin Stark, surprises her with a very exciting announcement. He has accepted a job as being Henry Bingham’s new assistant at the country club.

As the two celebrate, Justin decides to make the moment more memorable by reaching into his pocket and proposing to Louise by handing her his grandmother’s old engagement ring.

As the lovebirds continue with their celebration Bingham, played by Lewis Crouse, interrupts them.

Bingham, who is witty and cynical, places a high-stake bet of $100,000 to Dickie Bell, the director of the rival Crouching Squirrel Country Club that his club will beat his in tournament.  Dickie, played by Bill Paxson, agrees to the bet but wants Bringham’s wife’s antique store thrown.   They both agree before Bingham learns of some uneventful news. His main player has switched sides, and his wife’s antique store is valued at $2 million, leaving Bingham with only one option, to find someone else to play in the tournamen.

Racing against time, Bingham finds out that Hicks is a scratch golfer and adds him to his team.

Hicks, who is a natural at the game, shocks everyone when he passes the best players score until he becomes emotionally distraught when he finds out that Louise accidentally dropped his grandmother’s engagement ring down the toilet.

As things become difficult between the lovers, and Hicks is not stable enough to continue play, Pamela, Dickie’s ex-wife played by Autumn  Browne, Bingham, and his wife Muriel, played by Marty Crouse, must find a solution to win the tournament or lose it all.

The ending will no doubt shock audience members when new relationships build, a leg is broken, and a finale that will leave audience members laughing out of the theatre.

Kerwin, known for other productions such as Vienna in Johnny Guitar and Princess Winifred in One Upon a Mattress, did a fantastic job in capturing the vibe of the very studious, attractive, but flighty character Louise.

She is a versatile actress when seeing on stage as she can channel both a comedian and a serious actress, leaving audience members wanting for more.

Although this was her first time at the Westminster Community Theatre, she will no doubt be welcomed for other productions with her classic charm and hilarious acts.

Stark, who had the herculean challenge of learning his character’s part in three weeks, did a phenomenal job as Justin Hicks. His character, along with the rest of the other characters, needed a lot of energy, which he invoked on stage flawlessly.

A well-known actor at the La Mirada Playhouse, the Long Beach Playhouse and the Huntington Beach Playhouse, he returned on stage after being absent for four years.

Crouse, left the audience members wanting more with his hilarious acting and his ability to channel his character as Bingham without a problem dominating the stage from the beginning. A live entertainer for 45 years, he has mastered the art by portraying a character both witty, but passionate and energetic.

Paxson, a stage 4 cancer survivor, left audience members laughing not only for his golf clothing, but for his portrayal of the obnoxious, but likeable character, Dickie, a character he dominated during the second act.

A well-known actor at WCT, being on his 8th production, he has been in other productions such as Robert, in Boeing Boeing, Van Helsing, in Dracula and Mr. Mayhew in Witness for the Prosecution.

Browne, a teacher of Drama of 19 years at Brookhurts JHS in Anaheim, portrayed a very well, likeable character with her sophisticated, but charming performance as Pamela. She as well dominated the second act with her energy and chemistry with the other characters.

Browne has directed over 160 productions and was awarded Theatre Educator of the year this year.

Marty Crouse enchanted audience members with her hilarious portrayal as Muriel. Her character was extremely convincing, especially after she finds out a certain truth that makes her finally make the move she’s always wanted to make.

Although this was her first time at WCT, she has been in other productions such as: Sally Bowles in Cabaret, Meg, in Damn Yankees and Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls.

Director John Francis, known for directing over 80 productions such as Over the River and Through the Woods, did a fantastic job in bringing life to the Ludwig farce.
Crew members Jim Perham, stage manager, Bob Nydegger, lights, and Sam Maytubby, sound, added in bringing to life a hilarious comedy fun for the whole family.

For anyone interested in catching a one-of-a-kind comedy, check out The Fox On The Fairway, at Westminster Community Theatre, 7272 Maple St in Westminster California.

The play continues it’s run Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m. through June 20 with a matinee on June 14 at 2 p.m.

Tickets for the production are $20 for adults and $18 for seniors and children under 15 and students are $10. For reervations call (714) 893-8626.