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Censor This ‘Estate’

Coming to theaters next month, the new drama based on the real life events of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, “The Fifth Estate” will make audiences wish they stayed home and do their own boring research.

English actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, known for his roles in American films like “Atonement,” “Star Trek Into Darkness,” and “War Horse” stars as Assange who teams up with Daniel Domscheit-Berg with a limited amount of resources create an operating system for whistle blowers to leak hidden data.

Cumberbatch did not deliver the performance he should have.

He’s been in legitimate movies and so have the other actors like Stanley Tucci and Anthony Mackie but their presentation here was out of place unfortunately.

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The movie doesn’t work, from the music, casting, editing, and directing by Bill Condon. There’s no doubt that the film has potential as it’s idea sounds good on paper but it’s fault may be that the movie was made too soon. The draw of the story comes from the nationwide attention Assange received recently and it’s disappointing to know that many people may watch the movie.

It feels like it was made just to garner benefits and not for a greater reason, like to entertain or inform audiences. Condon seems like he was chosen at random, the movies he’s directed prior to this film are “Dreamgirls,” “Kinsey,” and surprisingly the last two “Twilight” movies.

The songs simply did not fit and says a lot about the creative direction the makers and their care of the final product.

The acting was beyond bad and never gave audiences a chance to like the characters. There is a few scenes of Domscheit-Berg’s character attempts to get romantic with a co-worker but the intimacy is too forced to seem believable.

Even if the romantic scenes were fixed no one watching would care at all because the story never allowed for the audience to care about the characters, and no one should care about this movie.


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