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Hip-Hop takes the stage in ‘Rhyme Fest LA’

Dec 2, 2013

Less than a week after young talent Tyler, the Creator, had the legendary producer, Kanye West show up to his carnival and oddly only perform two songs, a Los Angeles hip-hop veteran, 2Mex performed in...

Eminem’s unexpected sequel sets stage for expected results

Nov 16, 2013

The announcement of a new Eminem album was shocking enough, but then he released what the album will be called and it was hard for many to believe. Thirteen-years later after his sophomore success,...

KVOA News anchor lectures aspiring journalists at Rio

Nov 16, 2013

Paul Cicala, spent Oct. 28 on the Rio Hondo campus beginning with by talking to students in the College’s Learning Resource Center about his collegiate career which has resulted in an award winning broadcast...

Pudelko wins highly prestigious award

Nov 16, 2013

The California Association for Post secondary Education and Disability Teacher of the Year Award has a 39 year history. The award is given to an instructor who recognizes that the education of all students...

RHC still mourns for college student

Oct 30, 2013

A week after a Rio Hondo College student, a daughter, and the woman’s fiancé were killed in an auto accident in Fontana, the campus community gathered to show the family its support with a candle light...

Give this rapper a ‘Chance’

Oct 20, 2013

Hailing from Chicago, the Windy City is more like the “City of Win” with the talent it breeds. Chance the Rapper, at the age of only 20, has taken Chicago and the world by storm. While writing this,...

‘Breaking Bad’s’ booming breakdown

Oct 20, 2013

At about two weeks removed from the final episode of “Breaking Bad,” all is well for Jesse Pinkman as he is finally free and Walter White is dead, or is he? The series’ final scene shows face...

C.A.R.E sets the bar with fundraiser

Oct 20, 2013

On Oct. 5, Rio Hondo College’s Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (C.A.R.E.) program hosted a breakfast fundraiser at a local restaurant, which was a success from the amount of donations amassed...

Water Polo fails to stay afloat at El Camino

Oct 2, 2013

The Rio Hondo College Women’s Water Polo team entered into El Camino College Sept. 20 with a victory in the palm of their hands, but the Warriors squad crept up at the end to take the game from the Roadrunners...

Censor This ‘Estate’

Oct 2, 2013

Coming to theaters next month, the new drama based on the real life events of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, “The Fifth Estate” will make audiences wish they stayed home and do their own boring...

CARE program successfully gives back

Oct 2, 2013

  In August, three Rio Hondo students represented the Rio Hondo community when they volunteered at Pico Rivera’s  El Ranch Vista Health Care Center as a part of the CARE program. Nicole...

9/11 Memorial

Sep 18, 2013

To honor the lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001, the Rio Hondo College gathered together Wednesday  for a ceremony which had a poignant moment of silence at 9:11 a.m. RHC’s Superintendent and President...

‘Noises Off’: A farce that isn’t forced

Sep 16, 2013

With a stellar cast, the Anaheim Stage Door Repertory Theatre’s production of “Noises Off” hardly gives audiences a chance to catch their breathe in between laughs while putting on a great show that...

See a movie for a good price and an even better cause

Jun 27, 2013

In an effort to raise awareness and provide movie-goers with a summer night out AMC Theaters is offering the chance to see recent blockbusters on the big screen again for only $3 in support of Autism Society....

Jay and Bob silently come back into theaters

May 9, 2013

Every summer is highlighted by a comic book movie but this summer a spoof of the action packed genre arrived and crash landed in Los Angeles on May 5. “Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie”...

Wild finish to “The Place Beyond the Pines”

May 1, 2013

by David Flores In “The Place Beyond the Pines” the audience is taken to places they didn’t expect to go with twists and turns that are truley surprising. With a strong cast that includes...

Rio Hondo’s ladies swim team breaks more records

Jun 18, 2012

Rio Hondo College’s ladies swim team had its big meet, the Conference Championships, and while there they broke five new school records in four different races. During the distance event, a swim that...

Kevin Smith’s new book ‘Tough Sh*t’

Jun 18, 2012

As the bigger half of ‘Jay and Silent Bob’, director Kevin Smith benefits from having a huge fan  following of his independent movies as he plans to transition into life no longer behind the camera. Smith...