ACFC Flys High


Photo Credit: Andres Martinez xcomp media

Wednesday March 8, Angel City Football Club hosted Club America Femenil in a friendly match at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, Calif. ACFC won 3-0 with Jun Endo controlling the midfield in defense and offense.

First Half

Angel City Football Club hosts Club America Femenil at the BMO Stadium for a friendly match where ACFC dominated America in their 3-0 friendly match on Wednesday March 8. Club America kicked off to start the game and created danger right away in the first minute with high pressure towards ACFC.  Great run from ACFC forward number 21 Alyssa Thompson took on the entire defense including goalkeeper to score the first goal of the game making it 1-0 for ACFC in the fifth minute.

Thompson was a huge standout in this game because of fast pace dribbling against America’s defenders. Thompson took the game to the defense whenever she had the ball in her feet. Whether it was to complete shots at goal or create danger and space for her teammates. In the twelfth minute ACFC continued to move and touch the ball very well to keep possession.

Number 14 Paige Nielsen took a shot on goal from outside the box forcing the goalie to push it out forcing a corner kick. In the nineteenth minute America had been struggling to find any offense as they had turned the ball over for DiDi Haracic the goalie. The defense was outstanding in the first half of the game. The entire right side of the field was on lock down against America’s offense. ACFC made sure to retrieve the ball quickly to get possession of the ball and continue their dominance. 

Second Half

ACFC kicked off the second half right away with a goal by number 10 Claire Esmile but was ruled offside keeping the score 1-0.  America came out the second half still struggling to find a rhythm to get the ball moving and lacking in defense. America could not find any way to get the game going as they were noticeably more tired since they did have a game two days prior to playing against ACFC. 

In the 55th minute ACFC scored yet again in a set piece after the ball was passed then crossed inside the box with number 14 Paige Nielsen brought the ball down and kicked it in. ACFC extended the lead to 2-0 as there were no signs of a fight by America in the field. At this point in the game America looked defeated as they struggled to find any plays in their offense. Meanwhile ACFC made their lead double as they kept pushing through in offense. Goal in the 84th minute by number 7 Simone Charley who got a one on one opportunity with the away goalie and scored the dagger for ACFC to extend their lead 3-0.

This was the final dagger for America as ACFC scored the final goal of the game to end the friendly match. Number 18 Jun Endo was fantastic in the midfield as she played a huge part in defending the midfield and starting the attacks in offense with her great pass distributions.