Living in a generation of deranged Idiots

Every “older” generation has some type of problem with its succeeding youth from the “noisy” rock era to sagging; in my opinion, though, the generation born from 1993-2000 is by far the worst. I know so many people my age and younger on heavy drugs, dressing like sluts and “swag fags”, and starting families.

Even though recent studies have shown a decrease among teen pregnancy, I find myself constantly surrounded by young mothers/ mother-to-bes.  Sad to say, I can list off at least a dozen people I know from just my high school graduating class alone that either already have or just had their baby. Don’t get me wrong, if you know you’re ready to take your relationship to that next level, by all means go for it. But this isn’t the case more times than not. I understand accidents happen, you’re in the heat of the moment and neither one of you has a condom or the condom rips etc. I also know that a lot of people (including myself) just do not like using condoms, but this is not an excuse not to use some sort of protection, especially when it’s so easy to access. You can walk into any planned parenthood and not only get free condoms but free birth control (pills, shot, implant, etc.) as well.

What is the deal with today’s teen fashion? When did it suddenly become okay to look like a complete hooker in the middle of the day or to wear skinny jeans halfway down your legs? It is so disgusting to see middle-high school girls at the mall in such skimpy outfits. The worst part is these young girls don’t possess the decency to pack clothes and change so their parents don’t see them; instead, they walk right out the door in provocative clothing. I used to think there was nothing worse than a guy sagging but whoever thought sagging in skinny jeans is attractive is just plain stupid. If any boy wore skinnier jeans and more tank tops than I do, we have a definite problem. It also really “grinds my gears” when dudes wear hats not only with flat bills, but with the sticker still on them. This is one of the tackiest things in the world and I still cannot figure out why it’s so popular.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t start smoking and drinking at a young age, but today’s youth is totally out of control. I picked up my first cigarette and had my first drink when I was just sixteen years old. Yes, a huge part of this new found habit was due to peer pressure, my boyfriend at the time smoked and drank avidly with his friends. I am in no way condoning my behavior but what teens do these days make me look like a little goody two-shoes. It is quite literally appalling to see kids from ages eleven to thirteen with stogies in their hand, standing outside liquor stores asking me to buy them a beer; even worse yet, to hear about them getting blazed , shooting up heroin and coke, and “popping mollies” every weekend. Where is your sense of self-respect? More importantly where are your parents? I consider myself lucky that my mom taught me to be self-sufficient and respectful. If I had ever talked her the way young people talk to their parents, I would not be on this earth right now.

I know what it feels like to succumb to pressure, to want to fit in and look cool. However, there is a fine line between experimenting or freely expressing yourself and looking downright reckless and foolish. I know that as time changes trends and fads change with it, but to me, the youth of this time will always be known as the “generation of American idiots”. So kids remember to wear clothes accordingly to your age, for Pete’s sake pull up your pants, and if you don’t wear latex she WILL get your paychecks!

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