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Higher Thinking Episode 7

Hey everyone, this is our last episode for the Fall 2012 semester! We couldn’t talk due to a pact we made about the protest of abortion. (There’s a anti-abortion protest on the Rio Hondo campus right now) Today’s playlist consists of some very sad and dark music that we all enjoy, here is the track-list:

1) Turn Over- Sasha

2) Departure- Swallowed Up

3) Hundredth- Desolate

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4) Arctic Monkeys- 505

5) White Lies- From the Stars

6) William Booney- For My Sad Friends

7) I Hate Myself- Less Than Nothing

8) Snowing- Could Be Better Forever

9) Tokyo Police Club- La Ferrassie

10) Bloc Party- Kreuzberg

11) Death Cab For Cutie- A Lack Of Color



Thank you everyone for listening, its been a great experience to work through this with friends and the new people we met, we are glad we have done this and we hope we can do it again next semester so stay posted and we will let you know!

Dj’s: Joseph Herrera Christian Casillas Steve Pina


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