After two long years, it’s a draw?

After two long years of smack-talking and training, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin fought on September 16, delivering 12 action-packed rounds to fans. Alvarez looked good in the beginning rounds throwing jabs and connecting to Golovkin’s body, however, he started to lose energy and power after the sixth round. Alvarez spent most of his time on the ropes taking punches from Golovkin in the middle rounds.

Golovkin used his techniques to land powerful punches to Alvarez’s body and head. Though he tried to use his footwork to dodge hits, Alvarez couldn’t escape Golovkin’s blows. However, he started to come back in the last two rounds, giving Golovkin a good fight.

So why was the fight a draw? Judge Dave Moretti was in favor of Golovkin with his score being 115-113. Adelaide Byrd was in favor of Alvarez with her score being 118-110, while Don Troll scored the fight to be completely equal with a score of 114-114. The issue was Byrd’s confusing numbers, giving¬†Alvarez ten rounds and Golovkin two rounds. The Nevada State Athletic Commission looked into the scores and suspended Byrd from judging. Fans were outraged saying Golovkin had the fight stolen from him even though he kept his middleweight titles.

Rumor has it that both fighters want a rematch. Alvarez said if the people want a rematch, he will give them a rematch. Golovkin is also in favor of a rematch. The representatives from both boxers have yet to confirm this rumor but both boxers are ready.

Golovkin is also in favor of a rematch, the representatives of both boxers have yet to confirm this rumor but it seems like both boxers are ready.