El Paisano

All Around Rio: What’s Love Got to Do?

May 12, 2019

Jake Laurell and Madelyn Gastelum Join in on a complicated topic, marriage. Views in marriage are drastically changing while the present generation is seeking a healthy relationship and ditching the traditions. What are your views on marriage and a healthy relationship? ...

All Around Rio: Stop The Bleed, Selena Night, & Karaoke

April 10, 2019

Diana and Erika discuss upcoming campus events on this episode with some important information for students transferring Fall 2019.  You can listen in on Buzzsprout....

All Around Rio: Introduction

March 5, 2019

Your hosts Erika Suarez and Diana Juarez introduce All Around Rio.  A student-based podcast that revolves around campus news and life at Rio Hondo College. Feedback is open and encouraged to everyone! You can listen in on Buzzsprout

DSP Archives – Snapchat w/ Sara T.

May 2, 2018

Originally recorded 3/21/18....

The Waffle Knight Episode 2

Diego Crespo & Jacob Knight

May 3, 2017

Diego and Jacob discuss the initial reactions and review to Marvel Netflix's Iron Fist....

LOST Podcast Ep. 2

March 8, 2017

In this episode, the boys explore the trending topics of E-Sports over the past weekend as well as give some insight into Pokemon competitive play....

LOST Esports Podcast Ep. 1

March 8, 2017

In this episode, the gang talks about their experiences in Esports as well as what's to come over the weekend.

The Waffle Press Ep. 1: Batman

March 8, 2017

Diego Crespo (the Waffle Press/ Audiences Everywhere) and Jacob Knight (El Paisano) come together to discuss, but mostly rant, about various pop culture phenomenon.Tune in each week for a new segment of geeky artistic dissection of current trends favorite styles/ideas. ...

The SC Podcast- Episode 6: Speculation on a Trump Presidency

November 28, 2016

SC podcast members talk about what might happen in the next four years with the newly elected President Trump. Cast: Ryan Rivera Albert Lopez Doovan Esponoza Contact: dukeryan343@yahoo.com...

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