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Written by Sabrina Torres, Rodolfo Pinedo, Ignacio Cervantes, Dante Lopez, Anthony Moreno, Autumn Lewis, Olivia Venegas, Michael K, Jose Ahumada, and James Spencer May 22, 2018

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Violence Intervention Program

Written by Jose Ahumada, Reporter Apr 16, 2018

Rio Hondo College is having workshops as part of the Violence Intervention Program (V.I.P) for the month of April which is Sexual Assault Awareness month. The goal of this program is to bring awareness...

Bombing Suspect Blows Himself Up During Police Confrontation

Written by Jose Ahumada, Reporter Apr 5, 2018

A man who has been suspected of terrorizing Austin Texas in a series of bombings has died Wednesday morning by blowing himself up in his own vehicle as police officers closed in on him, multiple law enforcement...


Written by Jose Ahumada, Reporter Mar 19, 2018

The greatest challenge that we can ever face in life is, well, basically life itself and staying motivated throughout everything it throws at us. Some of those challenges could be passing classes for...

Russian Cargo Plane Crashes in Syria

Written by Jose Ahumada, Reporter Mar 7, 2018

A Russian cargo plane crashed after landing on Russia’s airbase in Turkey on Tuesday, killing all 39 people on board. The Russian military blamed the crash on a technical error. A full investigation...

Stop Comparing Your Life To Others

Written by Jose Ahumada, Reporter Feb 26, 2018

We’ve all been there at one point in our life. We compare our lives to other people based on their success or where they’re at in life. Sometimes even compare ourselves to people thinking we’re better...

8 Ways to be Productive

Written by Jose Ahumada, Reporter Feb 22, 2018

8 Ways To Be Productive Being productive is an important skill to have, especially for those who are going to school and working or have other important things going on in their lives. Productive habits...

The Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Written by Jose Ahumada, Reporter Feb 14, 2018

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a modern martial art with the focus being grappling and ground fighting. The main goal in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is taking the fight to the ground and finish an opponent with chokeholds...

Putting an end to domestic violence

Written by Jose Ahumada, Reporter Oct 7, 2014

A person is at their home one day, minding their own business, going about their daily routine, when all of a sudden they hear a scream next door, followed by a couple of pounding noises. They decide to...

Ice Bucket Challenge: An excuse for attention?

Written by Jose Ahumada , Reporter Sep 13, 2014

A new trend has flooded social media known as the Ice Bucket Challenge. The trend involves dumping a bucket of freezing water onto someone’s head in order to promote awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral...

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