Lakers eliminate Warriors in game 6, Advance to west finals

This past Friday may 12 the lakers beat the golden state warriors in a thrilling game 6 at home in the arena in lovely Los Angeles California. Austin Reeves the rookie was balling in his first playoff’s run with the franchise he had 23 pts 6 Ast and 5 Rebs in game 6. Lebron James was leading the charge carrying some of the load of the offensive plays on his back he had 30 pts 9ast 9 Rebs.

 lakers won the tip off LeBron James was on his A game the whole night he wanted to close down this series off tonight James, and Davis were the primary forces the superstars won a ring together only three years ago, and they shared a joyous hug Friday night after they led their team to its biggest home victory in over a decade.  

the Lakers ended the Golden state Warriors reign with a 122-101 victory in game 6 of the second-round series.