LAFC Holds Off FC Dallas to Secure a Late Winner


Photo Credit: Mia Alvarez

Los Angeles Football Club’s captain Carlos Vela fighting for the ball in oppositions area while the score was 1-1 at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday, March 25.

First Half

Los Angeles Football Club defeated  Football Club Dallas 2-1 at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, California. LAFC kicked off the first half with an early goal in the second minute of the game from number 11 Timothy Tillman. Fantastic start from the black and gold as they started an early dominance of the ball. The defense started off with errors turning the ball over on their side of the field. Number 24 Ryan Hollingshead was huge in the first couple minutes of the game. Hollingshead started plays to attack from his side of the field. In the 17th minute FC Dallas nearly equalized the score but Video Assistant Referee(VAR) ruled it offside, the score stayed 1-0 in favor of LAFC.

The black and gold had held the score with good pressure from the defense. Also great positioning from the goalkeeper number 77 John McCarthy. After a hard foul by number 22 Ema Twumasi leaves FC Dallas down with 10 men in the field after the referee checked VAR. The referee overturned the yellow to a red card for violent conduct. LAFC was looking to take advantage of a 10 man FC Dallas as they began to attack more. The away team was mentally out of it after the red card. LAFC continued their attack in the last minutes of the first half but did not convert any goals. The score for the first half was 1-0 to the black and gold. 


Second Half

FC Dallas kicked off the second looking to make a comeback of a 1-0 deficit being down a player. The away team wasted no time and came out looking for a shot at goal. The shot was too easy for LAFC’s very own McCarthy. LAFC continued their dominance in the wings as they created danger for FC Dallas giving their defense trouble. LAFC made their set pieces be known. With a dangerous header from the defender number 14 Giorgio Chiellini that went just on top of the goal post. Both teams have continued to battle it out in the midfield for possession but in attack none taking advantage of their chances. Despite being down 1 player, FC Dallas held LAFC’s attack to a minimum.

In the 72nd minute of the game, a goal for FC Dallas came off a set piece with number 17 Nkosi Tafari equalizing the score to 1-1. FC Dallas took their opportunity to tie the game as LAFC had not been consistent with their attacks in the second half of the game. The referee ruled a penalty after he checked with VAR with the Captain number 10 Carlos Vela missing from the spot hitting the crossbar in the 79th minute as the score remained 1-1. Goal from LAFC in the 84th minute by the substitute number 99 Denis Bouanga. From a difficult angle Bouanga was able to put it in the back of the net. The black and gold go up in the score 2-1. LAFC wins the game 2-1 and remains undefeated with three wins and a draw. Tillman was the 3252’s man of the match. 

Denis Bouanga’s Heroic Flight to the Pitch

Bouanga had a total of 13 hours of travel in a flight. From Franceville to Istanbul to Los Angeles International Airport(LAX). Arrived just an hour away from kickoff. Entered the pitch as a substitute to score LAFC’s winning goal.