Huskies Bite Roadrunners in Rivalry Game


Photo Credit: Christopher Araujo

Period 1

Rio Hondo College (RHC) men’s basketball hosted East Los Angeles (ELAC) men’s basketball in a rivalry game. RHC started off strong with George Ashley, 5, going to the free throw line, making one of two shots from the line. With some errors and turnovers, ELAC quickly went up 8-1. RHC got their offense going with, #23, Myles Jones driving into the paint to score for the Roadrunners.

The home team kept the momentum going with Ashley making another great shot to provide for the offense. ELAC quickly got their offense going, taking their opportunities and converting. Not much was working out with the Roadrunners in defense.  Jones shot and made both of his free throws. With the score at the moment being 9-24 with the home team being down. Above all, RHC had foul problems with their interior defense. But RHC pushed in the offense with, #20, Max Morelli assisting, #2, Sharodd Lewis who finished at the rim while getting fouled.

The Roadrunners kept fighting back with Morelli scoring back to back three point shots. ELAC would not allow them to attack inside the paint. Additionally, Sharodd Lewis kept adding to the offense with a huge 3 pointer and then attacking the rim finishing and converting his free throw for the 3 point play, with the score at 23 for RHC and 42 for ELAC. It was not easy for the Roadrunners, but they kept pushing for a comeback. The ending of period one RHC, 37, and ELAC,71.

Period 2

In the second half of the game, nothing was working for the Roadrunners as ELAC continued to attack in offense to make their lead even bigger. RHC’s defense was out-rebounded with ELAC converting those second chances, as they made their lead bigger, as turnovers from the home team did not help.

ELAC completely took over the second period of the game, as their offense looked to put the Roadrunners away. Jones looked to get himself and the team more involved in the offense by scoring and drawing fouls. It was not enough for the Roadrunners as they fell to the Huskies 74-125 in the rivalry game at home.