America’s Pastime has resurfaced once again from the Boardroom to the Ballpark

The wait is finally over for the MLB fan base during a dreadful long off-season that occurred  during the four month hiatus due to the MLB lockout between the players and owners. 

America’s pastime once again takes center stage on April 7. The  MLB lockout has been surfacing between MLB and MLBPA from December to March  over players demanding pay rises due to inflation rising in the new structured Collective Barging Agreement. 

 Fast Forward to March 10, when both parties agreed upon a new structured five year CBA. To be specific, from a players point of view, they got the benefit of the doubt of the deal. As a result, the players received: Playoff  Prize Pool money of $50 mill. (an increase of 10 mill.), New Minimum Salaries from $700k to $780K (an increase of $10K).

However, many fans were confused about what the new CBA deal has transpired into new rules.  Well, according to MLB, here is the breakdown of new rules taking effect between the 2022 to 2026 season: A 12 team expanded Postseason, a Universal DH for both the AL and NL, Regular nine inning doubleheaders to catch up on canceled games in the season, No Runners on base to start extra innings.

In Local News, the Dodgers and Angels are back in action, the Angel’s Opening Day vs. the Houston Astros takes place on April 7 at Angel Stadium. As for the Dodgers, their Opening Day is April 8  vs.  the Colorado Rockies in Colorado but their home opener is on April 14 vs. the Cincinnati Reds at Dodger Stadium.