Russell Westbrook is the Triple Double King

In the NBA a triple double is when you hit double digits in three different stats. Russell Westbrook was mainly known for doing that in points, rebounds and assists. As a matter of fact he has averaged a triple double in three seasons so far in his career. This year he is averaging 22 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists. On Monday, May 10th he broke hall of famer Oscar Robertson record for most triple doubles of all time. Robertson held that record for 47 years and someone was finally able to break it. Although Westbrook has had a hell of a year, the Washington Wizards will miss the playoffs.

Top Point Guard of All Time?

Now that Westbrook has beat this triple double record the next question is where does he rank upon other point guards. With becoming the all time triple double leader he passed players like Oscar Robertson of course and Magic Johnson. Is he as good as Magic Johnson though? Most people will say no. One player that he can be compared to is Oscar Robertson himself. They are both on the taller side of point guards and they both have that aggressive playstyle. That is what leads to these triple doubles. Therefore with this record achieved, I believe that he is a top point guard of all time.


The main flaw for Russell Westbrook right now is that he has yet to win a championship. Does he have what it takes to win a championship? Well for the most part the answer is yes. He is still considered a top point guard in this league among players like Damian Lilard and Kyrie Irving. He just hasn’t had great players around him since the big three in Oklahoma City. Although he did have James Harden and the Rockets, things just didn’t click over there. As of right now, the current Wizards team is not gonna cut it if he wants to win a championship. The best thing the Wizards can do now is build around Westbrook and Bradley Beal.

What’s Next?

Now that the Washington Wizards season is over, the next thing they need to look forward to is the offseason. The front office should focus on picking up some players to compliment Westbrook and Beal. This is because the current roster is just not gonna cut it, especially if they are not making the playoffs right now. For the players they should focus on getting some rest for a bit before going back to training. When they go back they need to focus on getting better because they don’t want to be the player that is cut. The Wizards will definitely be the team to watch heading to the next season.