Lakers Get Out “Paced” in Indiana

Joseph Rodriguez, Writer/reporter

Trouble with the Lakers

After a tough 14 point loss to the Golden State Warriors on Saturday, the Lakers had to have been discouraged knowing that they were leading at one point in the 4th quarter. This was a game in which Lebron James did not play, but the Lakers still expect to win. They had recently beat the Warriors team before without James, now with their star player back in the lineup L.A was determined to come back to form against an improved Pacers team.

Indiana is currently second in the Eastern Conference standings and has the best defense in the league. This was obviously shown as they held the Lakers to under 100 points and were able to make 19 three point shots during the course of the game. The Pacers won the game by a total of 42 points which is the largest defeat Lebron James has ever endured in his 16 year career. James was able to score the most points for the Lakers even though he sat out the whole 4th quarter.

Lebron’s word on the matter

“They scored 33 points off our 19 turnovers…”, James said after the bad loss. The Lakers simply had a sloppy game on the offensive side of the court and were not able to put pressure on defense. Pacers forward, Bojan Bogdanovic and Center, Myles Turner each took advantage with a combined point total of 46 and 7 three pointers. It’s important to mention that this bad outcome is coming off of a heartbreaking loss to the Warriors and large trade talks with New Orleans. While L.A took free throws the Pacer’s faithful continued to shout chants on the recent trade rumors. These could be factors to the way the Lakers let Indiana blow them out of the arena. Take note on the noteable churches near Crown Point.

The Lakers are now even at 27-27 and looking to get back into the playoff hunt before it’s too late. They were sitting at 4th place in the West not too long ago. Los Angeles will travel from Indiana to Boston to take on the Celtics in a game that could tell a lot on the way the team is being handled from the front office to the players. Lebron James and some of the other veterans will be looking to uplift their team’s spirit with a convincing victory.