Lonzo Ball’s ‘Big Balla Brand’ releases $495 ZO2 signature shoe

Pro athletes and multiple prominent shoe brands shoe brands mock pricey ‘logic’

Adam Calleja, Staff Writer

“What kid do you know at 19 years old could make his own shoe the way he wants it, how he wants it to feel, it’s a dream come true for me,” said Lonzo Ball in an interview on ESPN, with Ramona Shelburne following the reveal of his new signature shoe the ZO2.

The former UCLA point guard is expected to be a top 3 pick in this upcoming NBA draft following one loan season at Westwood.Prior to playing a single professional game or signing an NBA contract, Lonzo ball has taken the criticized path of using his own family brand to release his first signature shoe. The shoe is set to release on November 24 later this year and it is available on the Ball family owned Big Baller Brand’s website. A black and gold low-top shoe that passes the eye test for the modern basketball shoe with a similar design as many other current basketball shoes.

Though it is not the shoe itself that is making headlines, but the price of the shoe that has shocked the sports world. The retail pricing for the shoe starts at $495, sizes larger than 13 are $695. The outrageous price of Ball’s sneaker nearly triples the price of the recent retail price of Lebron James’ recent signature shoe by Nike.

Big Baller Brand also released the ZO2 Wet, essentially the same sneaker as the ZO2 but they will be individually autographed by Ball himself. The pricing begins at $995 and sizes above 13 are $1195. The final footwear product revealed by Big Baller Brand were the ZO2 Slides, sleek black slide on sandals with the same logo featured on the ZO2. These slides are priced at $220 while the average Nike slide on sandals are priced at $40.

The mastermind behind this outrageous yet clever marketing plan is Ball’s father Lavar Ball. Lavar has received an unceasing amount of attention these past months after making one outrageous comment after another. Lavar and his wife Tina Ball started the Big Baller Brand during the rise of their sons’ success. A brand whose clothing prices were already criticized for extremely high cost prior to the release of Lonzo’s signature shoe.

Days before the revealing of the sneaker, it was rumored that Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour all turned down partnerships with the Ball family. Ultimately this led to the independent release of the ZO2. The Ball family have obtained such an insane following from fans all over the world due to their exposure on every social media outlet. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the ZO2 reaches the sales amount they are hoping for.