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Swim team holds first annual Black vs. Gold meet

The Rio Hondo swim team competed in its first annual Black v. Gold meet on March 7, where they split into two teams and swim against each other.

It’s a fresh start to the season and the Rio Hondo Swim Team looks just as strong as ever.

The team has been improving greatly over recent years and Coach Hinze and his team seem to be ready to tackle the upcoming season.

After making it to the Conference Championships last year, the team looks to exceed all expectations where every single swimmer is set to have a promising year.

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Due to the pouring rain on Feb. 28, the swim team’s first home meet was canceled where they were supposed to take on Los Angeles Trade-Technical College and Pasadena City College.

The rain caused a black out at Pasadena College causing the whole school to shut down including all the sporting events.

It was unfortunate for the Roadrunners since they were very enthusiastic about competing against an unfamiliar foe in their new and renovated aquatic center.

The rain, however, did not stop Coach Hinze and his team from getting in a few practice rounds on that gloomy day.

It wasn’t until the following week that the team was excited to participate in a meet that provided a surreal atmosphere.

Coach Hinze knows that this meet will help prepare his swimmers improve on their times and to help build commodore amongst the whole team.

The Black v. Gold meet consists of 15 events which allow the swimmers to put all the training they do during the week to the test.

Coach Hinze’s main concern was to have his distance swimmers do the 1650 yard event which turns out to be 66 laps in total.

Usually, distance swimmers have to do the 1000 yard in a dual meet so the 1650 pushes the swimmers beyond their limits.

Coach Hinze was also impressed with is his team’s performance especially at this stage of the season.

He understands he’s working them overtime in practice day in and day out which he believes speaks volumes on the work ethic of this team.

Some personal and pool records were broken that day which is very encouraging as well.

Red shirt swimmer, Andrea Arnold, was very proud that she was able to break a pool record on the 1650 where she clocked in at 20:36.96 minutes missing the school record by just 5 seconds.

Stacey Quiroz also looks to have a breakout season.

Her goal during the meet was to complete the 1650 which she did coming in at 22:04.36.

Quiroz also hopes that she is able to improve her times on the 500 and likes how her team is getting along and remains supportive of each other.

Swimmer Pariss Youngblood believes that his 100 yard Butterfly Stroke is his strong suit.

He also agrees that the team has great chemistry and that the relay events are the best way to prove it.

Youngblood is very content with way the team pushes and supports each other, especially during the relays.

It creates chemistry and a competitive atmosphere which is what the players need most at the end of the day to succeed.

The results for the Black v. Gold don’t matter. What really matters is how the swimmers respond.

A long season awaits the Roadrunners but as long as they stay persistent and keep believing in each other, together they will accomplish many goals.

The team’s next home meet will be on March 21 against Cerritos and Long Beach starting at 12:30 pm.

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