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Super Bowl recap

“Defense wins championships,” is the common saying in almost every sport there is, that couldn’t have been more clear this past Super Bowl. It was supposed to be a battle of the best, the best defense in the NFL against the best offense; an offense that set multiple records during this past regular season. Peyton Manning, first ballot hall of famer, top 10 quarterback in the history of the NFL, against Russell Wilson, second year quarterback.

In a game where Manning could’ve further cemented his legacy with another Super Bowl win, on his second team, he underperformed to say the least. Manning completed 34 of his 49 pass attempts for 280 yards and one touchdown. These stats may look good, but are soon forgotten about when you look at the two interceptions he also threw. Then when you look at the Denver Broncos running game, which was virtually nonexistent with their leading running back rushing for a measly 17-yards, the ball was not going to be moved against this Seattle Seahawks defense.

Seattle completely took Denver out of the game from the very first snap when the ball flew over Manning’s head into the end zone for a safety. Then when you talk about the defense in the middle of the field, which was on display from the opening reception when Demaryius

Thomas (who finished with 13 receptions, 118 yards, and a touchdown), caught a pass up the middle and Kam Chancellor (10 tackles and an interception), blew him up. That hit sent a message to the Broncos receivers, that message was, if you’re going to catch a pass, you’re going to get hit hard.

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By halftime the score was 22-0, Seattle, and it wasn’t even that close. Denver couldn’t even reach the first down marker until almost midway through the second quarter; the defense was smothering the ball.

As the third quarter is getting ready to start with Seattle set to receive, and with one of the most explosive players in the NFL awaiting the kick, Percy Harvin (two rushing attempts for 45 yards, one 87 yard kickoff return for a touchdown, and one catch for five yards). It seems Denver couldn’t catch a break, as Harvin returned the kick for an 87-yard touchdown, that touchdown run seemed to be the knockout punch.

The score was 36-0 before Manning finally connected with Thomas for their first touchdown of the game, in the third quarter, they went for the two point conversion and were successful, which brought the score to 36-8.

Wilson (18-25, 206-yards, and two touchdowns), and the Seahawks weren’t done yet. Wilson connected with Baldwin for a 10 yard touchdown pass early in the fourth quarter, and with the extra point brought the score to which would end up being the final score, 43-8.

Defense wins championships, even the Super Bowl MVP went to a defensive player, Malcolm Smith, who had a pick six during the game. The Seattle Seahawks were not going to lose this game, it was a complete blowout, even boring at times to watch, but as it goes down in the books, the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, 43-8, and Peyton Manning lost another one.

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