USC beats #4 Stanford

The USC Trojans took down the number four Stanford Cardinals 20 to 17 which is a great victory to the Trojans who had been ruffed up this year.

The Trojans lead after the first 14 to 7 with the quarterback Kessler looking great. He threw for a 288 yards with one touchdown. The end of the first half the Trojans lead the Cardinals 17 to 10.

The second half started with the cardinals looking to closing the gap by getting a touchdown to tie the game 17 to 17 that made the game more intense.

The final minutes were getting interesting when the Trojans had stopped the Cardinals by getting a pick with three minutes left in good field position.

The USC Trojans close to midfield went for it on a 4 and 2 to go and got a first down which kept the drive alive.

They drove down a little more to kill some clock time and with 25 seconds left. the Trojans field goal unit came out to score a 47 yard field goal to get the lead over the Cardinals 20 to 17.

The USC Trojans ended with the victory and took down the number four Stanford Cardinals. USC next game is on Nov. 23, against Colorado.