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Just like old times

Since 2003, Rio Hondo has had their share of different players on their Volleyball team. But when the Women’s Volleyball Alumni reunited last Friday night to play a friendly game with the current squad, they all had something interesting to share.

Suzy To, who was on Coach Teddi Esko’s first team in 2003 and is now an Air Force Pharmacist, shared some favorite memories of the coach.

“She was a very motivational person. The team always played together, never gave up, and always played passionately. At one point, she made us watch “Miracle” for motivation. But at the end, she took care of all of us. ”

Suzette Soto, who was a player on the 2004 team and now a devoted mother, describes some of the funny moments while on the team.

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“We always made her mad. At one point, she asked us if we want to win, if we wanted to be here. So then we called the radio station “Coast” and devoted the song “Eye of The Tiger” to her.”

But then Suzette also remembers some other compassionate memories.

“I remember when my dad died and the coach asked all the players to bring flowers to my house and she personally came by my house to deliver them. It was really lovely and made me feel better.”

At the end, the Alumni gave some few choice words for the present team

“Have fun, listen to coach, and enjoy every moment of it because you only have one shot

Before the night ended, when asked about what she feels the best part of the alumni event is, Esko said, “bring in the old girls who played eleven years ago back in the gym and let them see the new team and just keeping them involved. This is their collegiate experience for them, they invested a lot of time with their two years ago.”

Esko continued, “When they walk back in this gym it’s nostalgic, they remember all the hard practices. They remember me yelling at them. They remember the wins and the losses. It’s time in their life they will never forget.”

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