Expectations set high for basketball team

Rio Hondo College Men’s basketball is around the corner. Tryouts have been taking place in the gym for the past couple of weeks as the Roadrunners gather up their team to prepare for the upcoming season in November.

As tryouts have been going on, Coach Mike Lowe has been searching for players who meet the team’s requirements.

After asking what he looks for in particular, Coach Lowe, replied with, “Looking for guys who are athletic, guys who are smart, looking for guys that are experienced.

There’s a difference between playing pick-up basketball, and knowing how to play on a team. “We’re looking for guys who have a deep understanding of the game.”

Coach Lowe is serious about having a successful team this season.

As practice takes place, Coach Lowe is looking for effort, team play, and execution on the things they have to get done. He also takes his time throughout practices to teach his players how he wants plays or drills to be done, showing how serious he takes his job.

When asked how tryouts have been going Coach Lowe responds, “things are working well, we are down to 21 players now, and we got a lot of good competition going on in the gym every day, so it’s going well.”

Tryouts are a work in progress, but are getting closer to the end as each day goes by. The team has been working hard on bettering themselves on trying to develop a winning attitude.

When the season kicks off in November all Roadrunner Men’s Basketball games are expected to be exciting, but the team is most excited for Chaffey and San Bernardino Valley, which is the team’s biggest competition in the league.