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Tight ending for Aaron Hernandez’s career

Aaron Hernandez was charged on June 26 for the murder of semipro football player Odin Lloyd and five different gun chargers.

Hernandez, who was once the star tight end for the New England Patriots, has faced a rough past couple of weeks and has plenty more to face.

The trouble for Hernandez began on June 17 when Lloyd’s body was found in North Attleboro Massachusetts.

Coroners confirmed the death was a homicide. Lloyd’s family immediately stated he was in connection with

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Hernandez however they would not say much more. As detectives looked into Hernandez they discovered a rental car in his name was an important piece of evidence in the case.
On June 18 authorities were seen coming out of Hernandez’s for the first time. Authorities returned on June 22 to search again and this time collected evidence that filled several bags.

Hernandez was then arrested on June 26 by the and shortly after the New England Patriots announced his release.

In the courtroom later that day, an emotionless Hernandez pled not guilty to all five charges and is being held without bail.

Even after pleading not guilty to the charges, authorities continued to search nearby waters and Hernandez’s car and condo.

All together authorities believe Lloyd knew information about Hernandez’s use of drugs and several criminal acts that Hernandez knew could tarnish his reputation and career with the Patriots. Hernandez text Lloyd on June 17 around 2:30 a.m. claiming he and his friends wanted to meet up. Together they drove to a park near Hernandez’s home where Lloyd was shot five times. The authorities have also stated they found an ammunition clip inside Hernandez’s Hummer and were able to match the caliber casings.

Hernandez’s fate now rests on his attorney as the case will continue to be investigated. If found guilty, Hernandez will either spend the rest of his life in jail just like O.J Simpson or he might be able found not guilty and possibly win a super bowl like Ray Lewis. But for now, Hernandez’s career in the NFL has reached a tight ending.

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