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Rio Hondo wrestling match

After ten matches, each six minutes of non-stop action the Rio Hondo College wrestling team loses to Santa Ana College 16-22.  The atmosphere in the Rio gym was growing louder and more anxious after each take down and transition performed by the college wrestlers.

Stepping up to the plate first was Brandon Moreno, wrestling for Rio Hondo’s 125-weight class. Both wrestlers started off strong but Santa Ana’s wrestler looked to be a little quicker at the neutral position while Moreno held his own at defending on the bottom.  At the end of the match Santa Ana Came out with their first individual win outscoring Rio 9-17.

Representing for the 133-weight class was Matt Fargoso. Who was looking strong defending numerous takedown attempts. After one slip up Fargoso ended up on his back losing 5-0 due to a pin.

After dual losses, it was up to team captain Jose Maldonado to raise the spirits of his wrestling team. Both 141 pound wrestling seemed to be equal on their feet. Both defending each others take downs with ease. Once the match ended up on the floor Rio Hondo’s captain shined. Transitioning immediately to a beautiful cradle scoring much needed back points. After getting more back points their six minutes was up and Maldonado came out victorious with a 9-1 win.

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After the momentum of Maldonado’s match Rio Hondo’s second team captain Abel Avila made quick work of Santa Ana’s 149 pounder. Easily scoring numerous pints with an unstoppable double-leg takedown. If that failed, he had an amazing re-shot which he used to carry Santa Ana’s wrestler and slam him down for the inevitable pin. Winning his match 12-4 tying up both teams scores.

Looking to make it three in a row Bryan Barrocio went through all three rounds and eventually outscoring Santa Ana’s 157 pounder 10-5. With both wrestlers looking fatigued at the end of their match.

Unfortunately after three straight impressive wins Rio Hondo lost their 164-weight pound match going the distance and fighting hard for all three rounds. Jesse Castillo defended numerous pinning attempts with smooth transitions from the bottom. Eventually losing his match 2-8.

For 174 pounder Elvis Arce it looked to be more of the same thing. A very close match that had the wrestlers tied up during the last minute of the third round both wrestlers seems to be evenly matched and very good at defending the take down.  Ultimately Santa Ana gained the upper hand and ended the match with a 4-6 score in favor of Santa Ana.

During Adrian Garcia’s match-up against Santa Ana’s 184 pounder an unusual event occurred. In a back and forth match that pushed both wrestlers to their limits with both scoring points after points and with ten seconds left in the match with Garcia leading 6-4, the scoreboard goes black and Garcia wins by default.

The last two upper weight class matches Daniel Amaya and heavyweight Javier Gonzales were both nail biters. Ending in Amaya and Gonzales losing two well-fought matches that ended the night and the team matchup in Favor of Santa Ana 16-22.

Individually Rio Hondo has great dominant wrestlers that use a combination of technique and strength to overcome the Santa Ana wrestling squad. Ultimately as a team Santa Ana reigned supreme but their season is not over and there will be many opportunities for redemption in the future.


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