Back and forth water polo match

On Wednesday Oct. 24, after a neck and neck, back and forth game between Pasadena City College, Rio Hondo Women’s water polo team emerge on the losing side of things. With a resulting score of 9-12 after four quarters of nail-biting gameplay.

The environment at Palm Park was exciting to say the least with many spectators partaking in the game by screaming for the women to “pick it up” and “shoot the ball”. The loudest of all was Rio Hondo’s head coach Mike Hinze cheering on and directing his players trying to help the woman in the water.

The women were looking strong during the early stages of the game. Coming out of the first quarter with a 3-2 lead. Thanks to the massive amount of pressure put on the Pasadena Lancers by the Lady Roadrunners. No doubt a great momentum builder for Rio Hondo, which would carry on to the next two quarters.

After a short lead during the first quarter the women’s PCC team fired back at the Roadrunners and gained the upper hand. Ending the second quarter with a 6-7 lead alongside numerous saves from their goalie.

Going into the final quarters both teams seemed to feel the pressure of the game, constantly letting out grunts of frustration and cheers of satisfaction. Which all lead up to an 8 -8 tie at the end of the third.

Going into the fourth after a  close to even third quarter, the ladies from PCC found a way to sneak by four more goals before the game had ended. Beating Rio Hondo’s single goal during the fourth, resulting in a 12-9 loss for the women’s water polo squad.

Rio Hondo water polo superstars were in full bloom throughout the game working together to score nine well deserved goals. Three of which came off the hand of Amber Jacobo, while Natalie Figueroa and Sarah Ramirez both scored two each. With the remaining two points scored by Andrea Zamarripa and team captain Kortney Kindig.

It’s a disappointing loss for the lady Roadrunners but the season isn’t over and there is still action to be taken place in the water by the Rio Hondo women’s water polo team.