Soccer field makeover

Rio Hondo fans of the Women’s Soccer team have reason to rejoice and less of a reason to weep over a lack of parking space for Roadrunner matches. On Sept. 12th the RHC Board of Trustees announced a modification to the contract with PMSM Architects to construct a renovation of the Roadrunner soccer field, one that will include the creation of a fifty-car parking lot.

The project was actually approved last July by the Board of Trustees, but the most recent update awards PMSM Architects to design the field in a project not to exceed 98,000 thousand dollars. PMSM has proposed to perform the contracted work for an amount that will not exceed 10,000 thousand dollars, including direct expenses. A proposal that the RHC administration has agreed to.

This proposal will include PMSM’s construction of the fifty-car parking lot, a widening or relocation of the entry driveway to create an entry and exit lane, addition of a curb cut in the main entry driveway, and to add a landscape swale along the northern end of the parking lot to drain storm water runoff.

PMSM Architecture’s contract promises to bring not only more ease of access to the RHC soccer field, but an increase of attendance to subsequent games. Although the construction, as well as the completion, will take a number of years to begin, the end result is sure to be one that many future students will enjoy greatly.

With the issue of parking always a hot topic on campus, the prospect of more lot space on campus is a step in the right direction for the RHC Board, one that students can directly benefit from. Space in student lots, previously used by families to watch Roadrunner games, will open up and allow more parking lot space for students trying to get to class.

The date PMSM Architecture begins its construction has yet to be decided or announced.