For many years school spirit revolved around how well your schools football team is doing. It had been a tradition ever since our parents attended high school and even before that. So the obvious question rises; why is there no football at Rio Hondo High School?

Basketball, wrestling, soccer, cross country, and even water polo, are all sports that Rio Hondo students sweat, bleed, and cry over to represent our school. Yet football is left out of our curriculum and no one really has a good reason why we can’t throw the pigskin and sack other college’s quarterbacks to show school spirit. Not only is it one of Americas most popular sports to play but it’s also the sport that people love to watch with loved ones. Numerous first kisses and awkward dates have taken place in the midst of a football game. It’s a sport that brings people together and creates memories that are cherished for generations to come.

The other side of the argument would state that the game is a risk for students and the concussion rate is high and only getting higher. Controversy has also clouded the sport due to a recent suicide committed by an ex NFL player who had suffered numerous concussions while playing the game.

Whatever the arguments are there is no doubt that you can argue the relevance of the game and the community of face painted, loud mouthing, prideful, beautiful fans that define our societies need to feel like they belong to a bigger family. A family who wants to watch their home team pulverize and dominate their rivals.