Women’s soccer team score and impress

Rio Hondo Women’s soccer team did not fail to impress during their first game, against West Los Angeles. Not only did they manage to shut out the opposing team but they did it in tremendous fashion, winning the game with a final score of 10-0.

The roadrunners are known for their incredible speed and endurance that has been known to last them to the very wee minutes of the match.They also provide non stop pressure to their rivals, mixed in with an offense that never fails to pierce and dismantle the opposing team’s defense.

As shown in their game against West Los Angeles all of thier talent is orchestrated well and made possible by the great leadership role taken over temporarily by assistant coach Holly Armstrong.

Pre-game talks are very important to the women’s soccer teams success. Not only does Armstrong go over implementing tactics that are learned in practice but also focuses on better communication between the players. A recipe for success that has now been proven on the field literally.

Daisy Fernandez a sophomore at Rio Hondo and captain of the girls soccer squad credits her teams ability to share the ball between players to their success. A crucial part of their teams ability to score continuously lies in their handling of the ball and the weaving through the field that amounts in the lady Road runners dominance on the field.

Coming up one game short of the conference finals last year, the ladies soccer team is ready to leave their painful shortcomings in the past and look forward to ending up on top of their league this year. With a group of new fresh faces on the team accompanied by eight seasoned returners, and an astonishing win under their belts the lady road runners can expect to have an interesting season.