“The World’s Greatest Boyband”

The newest boyband everyone is talking about is Brockhampton. The boyband consists of eight members, Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, Ameer Vann, Merlyn Wood, Rodney Taylor, Dom McLennon, Russell Boring, and Ciaran “Bearface.” McDonald. They are redefining what it means to be a boyband.

The Texas raised founder, Abstract connected online through a notable Kanye West fan forum.

“In the two years since its conception, they have released the ambitiously multi-genre All-American Trash mixtape, followed by their captivatingly honest, riled-up-rap and warm-chorus-filled debut album Saturation, supported Abstract on tour, and even got their own TV show — all the while handling the ins and outs of their creative output independently.”

The band is an inspiration as they aspire to become not only their own record label, they also want to produce other content under the same brand. Abstract founded Brockhampton with the intention that it is thought of similarly to Paramount pictures, as a production.

What makes this band stand out is that they are a close knit group of friends. They see each other as family and encourage each member to be creative.

Not to mention their amazing music. I love all their albums and would highly recommend their music. They are the voice of the newer generation, breaking down stereotypes and gender norms as well as including societal critique.

Brockhampton is a breath of fresh air with all these new Hip Hop artists on the rise who baffle me at the amount of success they achieve with music and lyrics that lack originality and depth.

Each artist speaks about the trials and tribulations they have faced so far in life and they also mock the critics who constantly complain about how the young men frequently touch upon the subject of being gay.

In JUNKY Abstract raps in the first verse, “”Why you always rap about being’ gay?”
‘Cause not enough n—s rap and be gay”. The entire band is highly efficient in talking about uncomfortable subjects. With this line Abstract speaks for those who do not feel they can do so.

They also feel representation is important. They note how in pop there are gay and bi icons but the same cannot be said for Hip Hop.  

I will be anticipating to see what else Brockhampton has in store for their fans and the critics. As for now check out their latest album available everywhere, Saturation III.