Stop the Violence in Ferguson

On Monday November 24, 2014 chaos ensued across the United States concluding the indictment decision of officer Darren Wilson. Wilson is being evaluated for his involvement in the death of a young man named Michael Brown who attacked Wilson after being questioned about his involvement in a convenience store robbery. From Ferguson, Missouri to Los Angeles, California protests commenced throughout the cities, of both peaceful, and violent nature. After a jury of 12 people listened to the facts of the case from all people involved, forensic detectives and analysts from all angles of the case, the jury decided not to charge the officer involved with any crime. Upon hearing this news, many people were outraged and decided that the only outlet for their pain, was violence.


Many of the local businesses around the city of Ferguson have not only been vandalized, but have been destroyed beyond recognition. Protesters, who think they are making a statement with these riots, only seem to be harming innocent local civilians with no connection to the case whatsoever. So it begs the question, what is the purpose of these riots and what change do they expect to happen by ruining the lives of hard-working men and women across the nation?


According to ABC News, 61 people were arrested after the violence erupted on Monday evening and hundreds of businesses were destroyed. People are seen shoveling up debris and sweeping away ash from the countless fires that have been set since the announcement was made.


From this point on I refuse to use the word protest, because that is not what these people are doing. No, these individuals are destroying a city and living up to certain stereotypes that have existed for far too long. Mahatma Ghandi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”, you cannot answer violence with violence, and expect to have a positive end result. The individuals behind these protests have lost sight of what is really important amidst all the destruction.


NBC News aired a segment showing a few of the businesses destroyed by the violence. Two women who own different businesses are shown boarding up the shattered windows of their destroyed buildings. They express their understanding with the situation, but fear for their safety and the future of their families. Without their businesses, they worry they will not be able to adequately provide for their children. Innocent women and children are being forced to suffer the wrath of violence they had no part in, and for what?


The truth is a young man lost his life that day, and no amount of protests will ever bring him back. Ultimately the only people being affected by the violence are the people who work hard day in and day out to provide for their families for a better tomorrow. To create a more educated, sympathetic and understanding future for the next generation. If these protestors really want to make an impact, stop trashing your city and start trying to understand the issue from both sides. Because isn’t that what we all want, a nation of people who look at each other and don’t see color, but a human being that feels the same way that we do.


I continue to see #blacklivesmatter hash tagged on all social media sites. But racism goes both ways, because #whitelivesmatter too, as well as all other ethnicities that make up this great nation. Every life is unique and beautiful, together we can make up a world that is comprised of people, people who no longer see in black and white. Martin Luther King Jr. would be disgusted with what he would find on the news today if he were alive today. He wished for a world that included all human beings, a world free of segregation. Whether you agree with the decision of the jury or not, violence will never be the answer and that is something we all should agree on.