Inconsiderate cops at Rio: An aggravating experience

One of the biggest struggles students face at the beginning of each semester is the horrible parking situation, especially in Lot C. I, along with many other students, show up a minimum of two hours prior to the start of my first class just to ensure a parking spot, as well as give myself extra time to prepare for the day. Tuesday, Feb. 11 was no different than any other day at Rio Hondo.

I showed up to school as early as 8:30 to help set up El Paisano’s booth for Club Rush. Multiple cars were lined up alongside the pick-up/drop-off zone waiting for a student to leave. It was just an ordinary day of waiting, what it feels like, for hours, until the moment I noticed a police car parked in Lot C. I wanted to ignore the irritation I was feeling at that second but a moment later I noticed another police car parking just across from the one I initially noticed. I immediately put my car on park, grabbed my camera and got out of the car.

I ignored the looks many students gave me and I walked up to the vehicles and snapped a few shots. I was infuriated for many reasons. Some might think, “Hey what’s the big deal? Police can do whatever they want.” Well, to those, I simply say no. There are many questions that need answering. Why should students have to pay every semester to park, yet the police can park as they please without permits? Are we not already paying for their salary? I am pretty sure they could afford a $3 day parking pass.

Why did the cops choose to park in the student parking lot, rather than staff parking lot? Do they even realize there is an Administrative of Justice building with its own parking lot? Why be selfish and take the limited student parking? Why are the securities not allowed to ticket the cops? I find it funny how we have to pay for our “mistakes,” yet the police could get away with unethical actions. Why should civilians follow laws that the authorities enforcing it don’t even care to? I have heard the statement “cops are above the law” many times for years, but, says who? I refuse to allow power hungry people to take advantage of everyone else.

It is just not fair. Inconsiderate people, especially those with public influence, aggravate the living daylight out of me. As if students did not already have enough to deal with; it would be nice for officers to stick to their duties of proctecting, enforcing and followng the laws of California, as well as refrain from acting selfishly and affecting individuals.