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ObamaCare: too good to be true?

As America begins to languidly regurgitate President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a few questions still baffle me and as a future journalist, I felt obligated to explore deep into the matter to seek the truth in what I hope will benefit us all.

While the new law mentions many exciting and new changes, one thing I can’t help but wonder is how much it will actually cost. It is projected that ObamaCare will cost around $1.1 trillion over the next ten years but many argue it ranges, and it can actually be a lot more than first estimated.

Also, most health departments are understaffed with tons of patients waiting to be seen. Not only do we have long wait times, but very low resources. Will health departments hire staff? Or will the 30 million new customers be challenged by longer wait times and fatigue staff?

Supply and demand also states that if demand increases and supply remains the same, a shortage will occur leading to higher prices in coverage and exams. Do we have enough resources to cover 30 million people, or will we be forced to pay more as the years follow?

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Also, The individual Mandate states that a citizen/resident has to obtain health coverage by January 2014, get an exemption or pay a fee if you they can afford it. To me, that sounds like the government once again taking our freedom of choice, and enforcing their ideas on us.

I  can’t help but wonder who will  benefit from this master plan. The people? no. the government? maybe. How about the insurance companies that will sell you their drugs and their tests with their rules at their prices?

It is scary to think that we as Americans are slowly being stripped of our freedom. The government taxes just about anything, and in reality this whole “law,” to me is a tax. Another way for the real terrorist to fund their wars and for others to corrupt our ideas, our values, and our way of living.

America, lets try this. Lets stop advertising junk food on T.V, stop selling innocent human beings medicine they don’t need/can’t afford, and raising awareness by promoting agriculture and well being. Lets enjoy a healthy walk, have schools teach meditation to help ease children’s minds, and enjoying the outdoors.

If you stay at home watching T.V. stuffing your face with fast food and other crap promoted by companies that do not care about your health, you will end up sick and with health issues. You will become their number one customer, and you will end up addicted to pills and medication in order to enjoy a few seconds of life.

While it’s true that we do need doctors, nurses, specialist and hospitals, our health really comes down to us. What we do to stay healthy, and how we live our lives.

We don’t need ObamaCare to remind us that the clock is ticking and we are against time. What we need is to stop and focus on ourselves and our future. Let’s promote alternative medicines, and the power to take control over our lives instead.


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