Suggestions for Thanksgiving Decorations

To be in the Thanksgiving spirit, one must be festive by decorating the dining room with decorations that represent the most thankful holiday.

Autumn leaves are one of the best symbols for Thanksgiving. If you have trees that have leaves that change colors in the fall, find these colors: red, yellow, orange, and brown. You can use these leaves for decorating by placing them on the coffee table or the dining table.

Tapestries are very beautiful, but tablecloths are also preferable, as long as it is an autumn color. The table for the Thanksgiving feast may need a centerpiece. The centerpiece can be a few candles with nice surroundings, an autumn wreath, a bouquet of orange, yellow, and red flowers, some pumpkins, or even a basket of harvested items.

It might even be fun to have a turkey for the main d├ęcor. The celebration of Thanksgiving will be incomplete without the Turkey. The turkey adorns the table of every household as a main course during the celebration. The customary dinner reminds of the ‘Four Wild Turkeys’ served at the ‘First Thanksgiving Feast’.

It will also be fun to have the little ones put on a Thanksgiving pageant, telling the story of the first Thanksgiving. They can dress as an Indian, a pilgrim, or even a turkey for humor.

The decorations for Thanksgiving will show signs for friends and relatives to be thankful for everything, especially the feast. You may find decorations at your local store or just be creative and make your own.