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Society can’t tame the ‘Queen of Twerking’

Singer and actress Miley Cyrus, daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and wife Tish, was actually born Destiny Hope Cyrus.

Cyrus’ breakout role was Hannah Montana in Disney’s ‘Hannah Montana’. However, as Hannah Montana came to an end in 2011, the sweet and innocent little Miley Cyrus ended as well.

Within the past couple of years, Miley shocked the nation and cut her hair in a boyish style, started dressing provocatively, got engaged to and then broke up with heartthrob Liam Hemsworth, and unleashed the “Kraken” (by that I mean her tongue and her a**). Cyrus soon  became the “Queen of Twerking”. Yes, I think we can all agree Miley’s actions are nothing short of inappropriate, but does she really deserve all the crap society gives her?

Cyrus will turn 21 in literally one month. Realistically, young adults her age just want to party and enjoy their youth, is that not what she is doing? True, 21-year- olds utilize their new found freedom with going to bars and college parties with friends, but Cyrus is NOT most people. Whether people like it or not, Cyrus is the new Madonna and Britney Spears, in terms of creating controversy as well as acting wildly in the public eye. Little Hannah Montana grew up. So, why are people still comparing the “new” Miley to the “old”? Nancy French, writer for Rare (conservative news site), entitled her article on Cyrus

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“The sad, boring fall of Miley Cyrus,” in which she talks about the pop star’s recent debacles. Also, according to Celebrity DBI, Dec. 2010, she was in the top 3 percent in influence and trend-setter and top 23 percent for endorsement. As of Aug. 2013, Cyrus ranks in the bottom 1 percent for appeal, aspiration, breakthrough, endorsement and trust. She is also in the bottom 20 percent for influence and trend-setter. More specifically, a total of 78-percent of people ranging from ages 13-24 admit to disliking Cyrus.

However, Cyrus still attains diehard fans; her chart-topping hits “Wrecking Ball” and “We Can’t Stop” from her fourth album ‘Bangerz’ still remain on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Social media across the globe often criticize Cyrus’ “offensive” behavior, especially during this year’s MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMA) performance in which she twerked on singer Robin Thicke.

Now, do not get me wrong, I would not want my own daughter acting that way in public; nor would I approve of her singing about weed and popping pills, but I commend Cyrus for daring to be different. We all know that the youth of this world smoke, drink, party etc. Cyrus is the only one with guts to admit it. In my opinion, she figures if she’s going to do something, why try to hide it?

MTV released an hour long documentary on the star this past month called Miley: The Movement. Cyrus spoke on her VMA performance, “You’re always going to make people talk; you might as well make them talk for like, two weeks, rather than two seconds.” Cyrus immersed herself into pop history; similarly, Britney Spears (Cyrus’ idol) and Madonna shared a provocative kiss during their VMA performance back in 2000. Hate or love her, she has no intention of stopping her “movement”, whether society accepts it or not.

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