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You Vs. Yourself: Detoxifying the Mind

Working with people has taught me something very important. I have over heard many conversations, and have listened to people blame others for their “misfortune.” It’s rare for someone to say, “Hey, life is great!.” No, instead I am surrounded by people walking back and forth with grumpy faces complaining about everything.

Besides being a full time student I do promotions on the side. My job at the moment is to work for a company and stand for hours talking to customers inside a convience store. I  hand them free gifts, (Sports bottles, stress balls, activity books, shirts,etc…) and after I tell them how great the company is, and I send them on their way.

Besides handing free gifts, I also have to take ten pictures of customers. I will admit, that is a hard task to do. Why you ask? well It’s hard because a lot of people have an extremely low self esteem. While approaching customers and asking them for a second of their time to take a picture, I always get, “No, I’m ugly.” That answer always shocks me. It’s sad to look into these peoples eyes and see nothing but fear of humiliation. I always look at them and say, “Are you kidding me? You are beautiful.” After I say that they smile and pose for the picture. Some even thank me for changing their mood and ask me if I’ll come back. Unfortunately, I’ll never see them again.

Working with people has taught me many things. One thing that continues to shock me is how we are all against ourselves. It would be easy to blame external influences but in the end it’s us who make the final decision to feel how we want to feel and live how we want to live.

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Most of us live as victims. To many, life is a cruel game and we are always quick to blame others for our faults. It’s very hard to admit that we are humans and prone to mistakes, and it’s even harder to apologize not only to others, but to ourselves.

We can’t live life as victims. We have to live as explorers exploring everything there is to explore at any price. We have to take chances, and become comfortable with the way things are. We are not victims. No, we are smart human beings who have the ability to conquer our fears and live a happy life.

I believe it is very easy to wake up from this nightmare we live in. The first step is to stop seeing people for how they dress, how they talk, what they believe, or what ethnicity they are. Boy we are so quick to judge others just by looking at them. Have you ever looked at someone you’ve never met and hated them just because you didn’t like something about them? I know I have.

We are all influenced by movies, religion, world leaders, and by other means. We have to stop being followers and start acting like the leaders we were born to become. We all have that ability inside of us, we just have to stop listening to our brains and start listening to our hearts.

Movies are a lie. The jock won’t always be loved by everyone. The nerd won’t always get laughed at. No, those are stupid beliefs Hollywood puts into our brains to classify ourselves. Remember high school? What were you, a skater, a punker, a metal head, a greaser, or a gangster? I know I’m forgetting more. I remember getting laughed at because I refused to classify myself as something. I would always reply, “A human being.”

Please don’t watch reality shows. All those shows are nonsense created to trick you into believing you should live that lifestyle. The Kardashians are getting millions of dollars for fooling you. Instead read a good book. Play with your children, write in a journal, dream the impossible and make it come true.

Music is a passion of mine. I love all kinds of music mostly rock, jazz and blues. It’s okay to listen to music, just don’t believe what they’re saying. Women aren’t “b’s and h’s” and listening to Slayer won’t make you a devil worshipper. The music you listen to is created by entertainers all wanting to sell their material. They’ll do anything to sell. Sex sells, and being controversial sells. It’s just a trick to win your attention. Try this, write your own lyrics. See what comes out of that little head of yours.

Religion is a beautiful thing that heals many lives but at the same time religion is used for evil. How many wars have we fought for god? How many innocent victims have died in the name of god? Isn’t god suppose to be a loving being? So why do we treat each other like crap? Why do we fight ridiculous fights? Why do priest keep molesting? Why do people kill others in the name of god? It’s ridiculous! What happened to loving our neighbor? Why can’t we allow others to have their own beliefs? I honestly believe that the only way to achieve peace is to seek god one on one. Forget the churches and the humans “representing god.” Again, listen to that warm voice inside your heart.

It’s easy to jump in the bandwagon and act like everyone. It’s easy to be programmed to believe what others want you to believe and feel what they want you to feel. It’s hard to resist the urge and step back. I do however promise it is rewarding.

I encourage everyone reading this to take risks and take action and responsibility. No one is in charge of your life but you. Avoid negative attitudes and negative thinking by surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals. Remember that feeling uneasy isn’t always a bad thing; it can also mean you are changing and growing.

Remember to smile even if you want to cry inside. Take time to find yourself and do what you have to do, for you. Embrace any challenge with positive thinking, and you’ll see a reward in the end.

And lastly, love yourself. Realize you are different and unique. you are not your name or your age, you are not your occupation or your beliefs, you are you. Respect yourself and your body and open your self to infinite possibilities.

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